Our study

In 2002 our law firm, D.F.M. & partners, was founded by the lawyers Michele Di Fraia and Mario Mangazzo and the team was incresed with other lawyers : Giuseppe Scala, Rossella Luglio, Achille D’angerio, Nicola Valentino, Antonio de Filippo and Alessandro Gravante.

Our firm is designed to operate as one, we work as a single united team to give our clients the highest quality legal advise.

Our attorneys have a rigorous understanding of the Criminal law. Our team has handled minor and major criminal cases, operating in criminals trials in front of Italian and European Courts.

We have competence in all the subjects of criminal offence

  • family crimes,

  • business crimes,

  • fraud crimes,

  • blackmail and extortion,

  • murder offence,

  • crimes against the Justice,

  • the public administration and government.

We are skilled in knowledge in special criminal laws

  • environment and alimentary offence,

  • bank and stock market offence,

  • road traffic and motoring offence,

  • privacy offence,

  • fiscal crimes,

  • immigration,

  • company crimes,

  • military crime law,

  • money laundering,

  • criminal trade of drugs,

  • execution of judgment law,

  • weapons crimes,

  • copyrights offence.

In criminal trials, youth crime and young crime defense solicitors, penitentiary administration, European administration

  • Court of human civil rights,

  • European Union,

  • European Council,

  • International crime law.

The DFM & partners locations are in Caserta at 291 Triste street and in Naples at 200, Sannazzaro Square.